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2023 Ruby Valley Strategic Alliance Tour


Initial Tour Location

Tour Start & End Times

Items to Bring

2 Fairgrounds Loop, Twin Bridges, MT. 

9:00 am to 3:45 pm

Water bottle, sunscreen, rain gear, and walking shoes

Tour Schedule

10:40 am

10:50 am

11:50 am

11:40 am

12:20 pm

1:30 pm


3:15 pm

2:15 pm

9:00 am

9:30 am

9:05 am

9:45 am

Travel to Silver Springs Ranch

Silver Springs Ranch | Discussion on Irrigation Efficiency

Ruby Habitat Foundation | Water Monitoring Efforts and Irrigation

Travel to Ruby Habitat Foundation

Lunch | Ruby Habitat Foundation or Firehall

RVCD Projects Highlight & Honorable Mention Projects

Travel to Ruby Valley Hydroelectrice Authority

Wrap Up/Celebratory Beers!

Ruby Valley Hydroelectric Authority | Project Tour and Discussion

Convene at Fairgrounds

Travel to Hamilton Ranch

Opening and Intros

Hamilton Ranch | Tour and Discussion

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Tour RSVP 

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