The work of the Ruby Valley Strategic Alliance is proudly collaborative. We work together because we believe it’s the right thing to do and because it gets results.

Addressing Wildlife Conflict 

The viability of grizzly bears depends on keeping working ranches and public lands intact. We are working to secure connected, sustainable populations of grizzly bear while minimizing conflict and supporting the ranching operations that keep corridors and valley bottoms free of development. 

Sustaining our Wilderness Traditions

The Ruby Valley Alliance developed an agreement that will result in strong conservation protections to preserve wilderness character while balancing the outdoor livelihoods that are intertwined with our wild places.

Maintaining Open Space 

As conservationists and owners of multi-generation family ranches, we recognize the importance of the area’s working ranches in supporting wildlife habitat and open space. We are striving to maintain working lands through conservation programs and easements.

Clean Water and Fishing Access 

Montanans depend on cold, clear water. We seek to ensure that rivers and watersheds are healthy for drinking and agricultural uses, native fish habitat, recreational activities, and local river-reliant businesses.

Policy and Advocacy

By focusing on shared interests and common goals, we are able to work toward a unified vision for the future of the Ruby Valley. Management of public lands is one of our central concerns, and we are dedicated to developing and advocating for long-term solutions to our shared challenges.


The Ruby Valley Strategic Alliance strives to maintain and enhance the stewardship of working ranches and public lands, and achieve long-term conservation goals in the Ruby Valley.