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Les Gilman Honored in the Congressional Record

In December, RVSA member Les Gilman was recognized by Senator Steve Daines for his longstanding dedication to protecting the land and people that make up the Ruby Valley. A short description of his contributions to the valley was submitted as a statement of recognition in the official Congressional Record, the document that reflects the official proceedings of Congress. You can read that by clicking here

This recognition is well deserved. At the end of 2022, Les retired as Executive Director of Ruby Habitat Foundation after 20 years, and after 30 years of affiliation with Woodson Ranch. In his time as the Executive Director Les oversaw the restoration of Clear Creek and the implementation of a Wetland Reserve Easement on 40% or more of the 1200-acre Woodson ranch. Les also practiced what he preached, placing an easement on his own steeped-in-history ranch a couple miles away from Woodson's.

Anyone who has met Les leaves with a sense of sincerity, a wish to spend more time with him, and a deep sense that one has just encountered someone rarer than rare. His kindness, especially to children, is a thing to behold. His devotion to family set an example in this valley that many aspire to, but few attain.

Luckily for the RVSA, Les isn’t going anywhere. He will continue to lend his time and knowledge to the group and help achieve our long-term conservation goals in the Ruby Valley.

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